Responsive web design has hit critical mass.  There is no way you can responsibly offer development of new applications to customers and not take into account the varying sizes of screens that their content will be consumed on.  While nothing beats testing on actual devices for making sure things are working as expected, during active development that can be a lot of extra time and effort that may not be required until you are past the broad strokes portion of the development.

In working through these issues at Simbco, we had an idea for a web application that would allow us to easily view our responsive designs at different resolutions. And with that Visum was born! Visum allows you to paste in the url of the page you would like to see and then has presets to allow you to view how that content will look at various device screen sizes including desktop, tablet, and popular phone screen sizes.

Visum is currently in its early development stages, there are many features we would like to add like:

  • Deep Linking to a URL and Screen Size
  • Custom Screen Sizes
  • Configurable Preset Buttons

But for now we think it’s really helpful and we hope you will too.  So go take a look at Visum and comment below to let us know what you think.

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