We are so excited to announce the availability of the our new WordPress Plugin to help ManyChat users more easily setup their site chat and embeddable plugins.

The ManyChat WordPress plugin is called Block Editor for ManyChat. In version 1.0 we have allowed you to very simply install the ManyChat Javascript code into your WordPress site without having to edit your theme or try to figure out how to get the code into your header.

ManyChat WordPress Plugin Installation

To install the plugin in your WordPress site, Log in to your admin and navigate to the plugins section. Click “Add New” at the top of the screen. Use the search input to find the “Block Editor for ManyChat”. On the plugin block in the main screen click to “Install” and then “Activate”. Now you are ready to setup your WordPress site with ManyChat.

Once you have correctly installed and setup the Block Editor for ManyChat plugin you will still need to ensure your sites domains have been properly setup to allow use by ManyChat.

WP Block Editor Usage

In addition to making it very easy to install the JavaScript code that ManyChat uses, we have also added a module for the WordPress block editor to allow you to select from your existing compatible growth tools.

Divi Block Editor Usage

And if you happen to be a Divi user, we have also included a module to support the Divi Builder interface.

Getting Help

We built this plugin to help the community, that being said we offer this free and without warranty. We are happy to help if we can though.

If this plugin helped you out please consider leaving us a review on the plugin page. And if you are feeling really generous you could leave us a review on google.

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