I am happy to announce that earlier this month SimBco became one of the few Agencies accepted into the ManyChat Agency Beta Program.  Now that the program is out of beta we can promote ourselves and talk about how much we love ManyChat!  If you are not familiar with the benefits of using Messenger in your business see our Introduction to Facebook Messenger Marketing.

If you don’t know, ManyChat is our preferred platform for building Facebook Messenger Bots!  Their platform is the biggest reason why our prices for providing this amazing functionality has been able to drop so low.  In the past we have developed Messenger Bots from scratch for our clients which can costs over $10,000 thousand dollars to develop and months to get through the Facebook review process.  Now with ManyChat taking the brunt of the flow development and server load we have been able to greatly reduce the costs to build these amazing applications for businesses! Most business bots can now be built for a fraction of that cost! If that was not enough the review process has been greatly simplified and most businesses don’t require any review at all.  Beyond all that our basic Facebook Messenger for Business setup is available for a limited time for only $500. And because ManyChat is so developer friendly, we can still write custom code and integrations when the project requires it.

ManyChat truly provides us with the best of both worlds in terms of ease of use to get started but powerful ability to extend the platform and build amazing integrations for your business.

If you have questions about how you can utilize Facebook Messenger and Conversational Marketing in your business please drop us a line!  We love talking about Messenger Automation and Marketing!

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