Who saw that coming? Just 1 day shy of 2 years ago we posted that our office was closed while we did our part to flatten the curve of the COVID-19 outbreak.

Back then we really thought it would just be a few weeks till everything was back to normal.

Instead we all found a way to work in the new normal. Luckily for our team, being remote and working effectively has always been one of our strengths. It continues to allow us to provide for our clients and keep each other safe.

While the mask mandates and office closures are over (perhaps for now) in Oregon, our office will remain open by invitation only. While some of the team is there again working to be as efficient and effective as we can be, there is no schedule that requires us to be present.

So as a reminder please call or email ahead if you are planning to pay us a visit. We are happy to host you in our space with a little planning and notice.

Thanks for our understanding as we evolve to meet the needs of our customers and our team.

Sim Bateman

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