When I started my company 12 years ago we started as a fully remote business. At the time we worked with companies all across the nation without going on site at all. Over the years we found that it was convenient for the team to have a place to come together and share time and space. At first this was just a couple of us meeting at a coffee shops. But as the team grew finding tables (and power) began to get hard.

So 6 years ago we signed our first lease on office space and have enjoyed having that as an option to meet and work together. It’s wonderful to have a space with ergonomic desks, big monitors and great internet. Also having rooms with whiteboard and shared space has proven to allow us to be more effective.

Even though we have had an office we have continued to support remote work. In fact everyone on the team works remotely at least part of the week. Because of this practice we already have everything in place to support our clients in a fully remote capacity. The team continues to use Slack and our ticketing system to communicate with each other about your projects. We continue to support our clients through tutorial videos using products like Loom and other video recording software. And through the use of online meeting software like GoToMeeting we will continue to meet with our clients and provide the excellent support you have come to expect from our team.

Because of the threat imposed on our community by the COVID-19 virus, our office will be closed the remainder of the month. If we had any in person meetings planned we have already reached out to those customers and made arrangements to take them online. For everyone else, it will be business as normal since we were already meeting and supporting you remotely.

We take our responsibility to the community to do our part to stop the spread of the virus very seriously. Not only for our team and families sake, but for those who we might affect by transmitting the virus. But we will continue to support our customers and help them to be successful during this time of imbalance.

Thank you for you support!

Simeon Bateman
Owner/Founder SimBco

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