In Marketing you always want to be where the people are. It just makes our lives easier to start with big numbers. This year the top 4 messaging apps surpassed the top 4 social media networks in daily usage. More people are using messaging applications to communicate than they are using social media to look at pictures of friends’ cats. Facebook Messenger Marketing is the key to reaching these people.

Messaging Apps have surpassed social media in usage

People want authentic, original content. Facebook figured this out and adapted their algorithm to prioritize content from friends and family, which leaves businesses who are trying to build an organic audience in a bit of a spot. You can post all day every day and unless you are very lucky only a very small percentage of your audience is going to see it. Facebook’s answer to this problem is for businesses to buy ads. The problem is that the ad market on Facebook is completely saturated. With a good plan in place you can still be successful using ads to promote your business (we do it everyday for our clients). But if you want to build an organic audience without paying Facebook, you need a new strategy.

Users are 53% more likely to shop with a brand they can message

That new strategy is Facebook Messenger Marketing. Facebook Messenger has over 1.4 Billion active users every month. All by itself it’s the 4th largest social media platform. You can utilize Facebook Messenger from your business page by allowing people to contact you. If that were the only way this worked it would not be very compelling except that people are more likely to shop at a business they can message. Consumers prefer messaging to connect with a business over both phone and email. So if you are not providing an option for your customers to message you, you are missing out.

Messenger is the 3rd largest social media platform in the US.

The most amazing part though, is that if you are using Facebook Messenger Marketing, anyone who messages your page becomes a subscriber. You don’t have to ask for their email or build a landing page to squeeze them into your funnel. Just by messaging your page they become a subscriber to your business page in Facebook Messenger.

Just like an email list, you can broadcast messages to your subscriber list in Messenger. However, instead of a traditional 20% open rate for email, Facebook Messenger broadcasts see an average 80% open rate! Beyond ensuring your audience sees your message, Facebook Messenger broadcasts also see a 20%-50% click through rate (CTR). If you are doing email marketing right now you are looking at those numbers and asking if it can possibly be true, and I assure you that they are. I’d be happy to show you the data on our client’s campaigns. In addition to one-off broadcasts, we can also segment your audience into groups to ensure message relevancy. Email marketing has become all about the follow up. The ability to use drip campaigns (sequences of messages that are scheduled on a delay) allows for planning multiple touch points.  With Facebook Messenger we can use the same strategies, but with much better results!

Messenger provides better results than email

With that kind of response to your messaging and with 4 out of 5 people between the ages of 25-54 having Facebook Messenger Accounts, you would be insane to ignore this platform.

83% of users between 25-54 have Facebook Messenger accounts


Facebook Messenger Marketing is the best way to connect with your customers and ensure they feel connected to you.  I hope this article opened up your eyes to the possibilities available to you when using Facebook Messenger as a marketing platform.  SimBco loves to build interactive bots for businesses!  If you are intrigued by the information you found here, you should head over to our Facebook Messenger Marketing page to see more data and even click into some example bots!  Or if you think you are ready to get started with Facebook Messenger now, click here to schedule a 15 minute call to discuss your project.

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