It’s been just two short weeks since Google implemented their new algorithm update (4/21/15), but what a difference two weeks can make. Have you noticed a decline in online traffic to your site? Haven’t received as many web orders over the past two weeks? Your site could be among the countless that may no longer appear in Google’s mobile search results.

So what does it really mean if your site is not mobile friendly? Will your site and/or pages effectively disappear from Google’s mobile search results? This could help explain a recent decline in web traffic to your site. Because more searches now officially take place on mobile devices that on their desktop counterparts, mobile usability is now a necessity more than ever. You must ensure that your site is built with the following mobile-friendly features:

  • A viewing area that adjusts to the device’s screen size
  • Content that flows within the viewing area and doesn’t require the user to scroll horizontally or “pinch” the screen in order to see all content
  • Fonts that scale to a readable size appropriate to the device’s screen size
  • Easy-to-navigation buttons and on-screen elements that are too close together
  • Use of mobile-friendly technology in the design and function of your site

If all this leaves you wondering how your site stacks up to the mobile-friendly test, SimB & Company can help!  Regularly valued at $275, SimB & Company is currently offering our Basic Mobile Optimization Audit for FREE for during the month of May, using Coupon Code MOBILEMAY.



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