Today on our client spotlight we highlighted Jessica Johns with Fighting Spirit Coaching! Jessica is committed to helping her clients through healthy eating and exercise.

As part of that commitment she is hosting a 28 Day Health Challenge in the month of January.  This challenge is not focused on just eating or exercise but overall wellness and health.  As such each of the clients she works with might have different goals.  In the first week Jessica spent hours each day checking in on and working with her clients.  We met with Jessica to see if we could help.

Utilizing Facebook Messenger we setup a system to allow her clients to sign up and specify what their goals are for the challenge.  Then each day the system sends a message to the user and asks them to respond based on how they feel they are doing.  The system provides options for the users to select from and we give specific appropriate responses.  If the client indicates it was a rough day, then the system will actually notify Jessica so she can prioritize following up with the clients who need her most.

In our live we show off some of the details on how we build this system using Facebook Messenger!  If you would like to know more about how we can use Facebook Messenger to help your business do more in less time checkout our Facebook Messenger Marketing Page!

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