At SimBco we are all about Messenger Funnels these days.  I am not sure there is a single business out there that can’t benefit in one way or another from having Messenger Funnels and automation as part of their business.

Remember when you posted to your Facebook wall and all your followers got to see your post in their news feed?  Those were the good ole’ days of last year.  Back when you posted Facebook would show your post to a segment of your audience and if they interacted with it, they would show it to some more, and if they interacted…. and so on.  This was why viral content was proliferated so well.  But back in January, Facebook made another update to the algorithm.  This time Facebook optimized the feed for social interaction.  They are helping you as a user to see more of your friends and families content.  Which is great as a user, but as a content producer its a huge problem.  Now when we post to our Facebook page, our followers still see it, but the audience that sees it initially is even smaller, and it requires much more interaction to trigger the “show it to more” feature.

So you have spent a great deal of time building an amazing audience on Facebook.  But suddenly they can’t see your content.  And we all know that what is “out of sight is out of mind”. How do we allow our users to see our Facebook content without having to actually go to our Facebook page and look for it? The answer is to notify them of the new content… but only if they want it.

The answer of course is Facebook Messenger! ( If you didn’t see this coming I think you should look back at the first sentence of the post 🙂 )

Message sent to users to allow them to opt-in to getting broadcasts from the IronTap Station Facebook page.

Facebook posts are sent as Messenger messages to users who have opted-in.

When you select a post to view a special window opens allowing you to just see and interact with that post!

The very best part about all this is that you don’t have to pay Facebook to reach your exiting audience.  Anyone who messages your page can become a subscriber! It’s kinda like building an email list except 8X more effective!  Once you have an audience of Messenger Subscribers you can send broadcasts to them to promote events and other messaging from your brand.  And they will see it everytime!


SimBco loves helping businesses solve their problems with technology.  Facebook Messenger is the solution to so many problems that businesses face.  Building and reaching an audience is just one of the ways.  Probably the simplest!


So don’t delay. Let’s get started building your audience today!  Click now to head to our Facebook Messenger Services page, and find out how we can help your business today.

Start building your Messenger Audience Today

If you have a Facebook page now, you owe it to yourself to start building your audience.  If you are building unique and quality content your users will flock to the opportunity to see it.  Take Facebook’s algorithm out of the equation and get your reach back today!


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