SimBco Services

There are very few things we can’t do for our clients. But some requests are more frequent for one or another of our services. Here is a partial list of our common offerings.

HTML 5 Development
Despite the HTML 5 specification not being ratified, many of today’s modern browsers support the features it prescribes. If you are not building your applications with those features mind then you are doing your clients a disservice. Simbco specializes in utilizing the features of HTML5 while maintaining backwards compatibility in older browsers.
Responsive Design
Everyday, device manufacturers release new devices to market. Every device comes in different shapes and sizes. The days of designing a site for a minimum or specific size are in the past. Responsive Design allows Simbco to adapt the look and behavior of your application based on the size of the screen that it is viewed on.
Single Page Javascript
Traditional web applications require a server to render an application one page at a time. These types of applications are typically built with technologies like PHP, ASP, ColdFusion, and Java. But these applications are not very portable and can be difficult to scale. Todays modern web applications are more often built as a single application that can run client side in the browser. In this type of application the server is used as an api endpoint for data storage and retrieval but not for page rendering. Simbco creates single page applications which work great on the desktop but can also be ported to mobile using a hybrid technology stack.
Cloud Hosting
Cloud hosting offers businesses many advantages. Traditional servers offer a single point of failure for your applications. When building in the cloud, your servers are virtualized and the cost drops considerably. Also, because there is no physical hardware, it’s very inexpensive to add new servers as your application takes on more users. And if your business has seasonal traffic it’s easy to lower costs during the down time.
Facebook Integration
Whether or not you use Facebook for your personal life, there is no denying that the worlds most popular social network is a valuable resource for your business. Many businesses set up Facebook Pages which let them define their space and be ‘liked’ by their clients. Simbco can help with that, but we can go further by developing applications which allow you engage your users and let them promote your business for you inside the Facebook Platform.
Flash Platform
Building applications for the Adobe Flash Platform allows you to write applications once and deploy them to the Web, Desktop, and Mobile. The Flash runtime acts as a virtual machine giving your application a common foundation on different platforms. While Flash’s popularity is often up for debate, it’s hard to debate the amazing applications and games that have been created using Flash.
Server Development
Every application is judged by its visual interface, but it’s condemned by its choice of server architecture. While single page applications can allow your application to be more portable without a server behind them, there can be no long term storage of data. The choices you make at this level ensure your site signups and credit cards are secure. Simbco uses the requirements of your business to help you choose the right platform for each application.
Mobile Application Development
Every business should be considering how to make use of mobile in every decision they make. Whether you are trying to engage users on the go, or enable your workforce when not at their desk, the importance of mobile cannot be overlooked. Simbco can help you utilize mobile to move your business forward.
Content Management Systems
While a good visual interface will bait a trap, your content is what keeps users engaged with your business. That content should be current and relevant and a business should be able to make those changes and updates on their own. A CMS allows you to ensure you are always getting the most of every impression you make on your users. Simbco utilizes a number of CMS products to make sure that you don’t have to pay to change the content of your site.
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